The low maintenance requirements of the Boran have made the Boran an increasingly popular choice amongst commercial farmers abroad. Input costs in the agricultural sector have increased significantly and the time has come that a balance must be established between minimal input and maximum output. The Boran allows commercial farmers to produce beef sustainably whether in a weaner production system to the feedlots or a backgrounding production system from the farm.

The Boran Society has a good relationship with feedlots and has established an open line of communication to ensure that our product has the necessary growth potential which the feedlot desires.

To serve our breeders and commercial farmers better the Society has formulated a list of feedlots that buy Boran weaners .


 Feedlot Name Contact Person Number Province
Braams Voerkraal Pieter Eksteen 083 626 1601 Western Cape
Hurwitz Farming Simeon Hurwitz 082 415 5448 Mpumalanga
Midlands Beef Wimpie Venter 016 972 8000 Free State
Morgan Beef Bertie Erasmus 017 688 9300 Mpumalanga
Sparta Beef Thinus Greyling 083 272 8629 Free State
Sparta Beef Adri Venter 082 440 8866 Free State
Sparta Beef Stefan Barkenhuizen 083 630 4055 South Cape


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